VR DevLog 14: Audio

By October 8, 2013 Audio, Journal, Super Mega Mega, VR

One of the things I’ve wanted to focus on has always been music and sfx. After chatting with a mate during the EBExpo I think I’ve decided how to proceed with the audio for SMM.

Most of the time I use third party audio or create my own simple loops. This time it would be nice to have more of a dynamic audio system built early on in the project.

I’d like the style to be very retro but not necessarily exclusively so. After discovering unity’s support for MOD files I’m very tempted to try and use this system. My only problem here is generating the music. I don’t have much experience with the tools. (In general my music making skills are pretty low) This would be a good chance to learn.

I don’t even know where it will end up… which is sort of the best thing about it. Create as many cool things as I can and try and make them loop and play at the right time…. what can go wrong with that? Dynamic song generation. Perhaps I can group up all commonly themed loops and randomly arrange them?