VR DevLog 8

By July 16, 2013 Journal, VR

Managed to get in a quick play test at the Sydney IGDA Beer & Pixels event last night. It was an excellent chance to see some people playing the game and chatting about the experience. It’s helped make me feel a bit more confident about the whole idea. :)

So sometime over the next week I’ll make the current build available publicly and record some quick videos. I’m far to busy preparing for PAX AUS to be able to do it right away.

Other things I’ve been looking at:
– Changed the orientation of the world blocks to rotate towards the viewer. I like the look of the non-rotated blocks but it can make the platform edges harder to estimate. I’ll keep at least one level with the old orientations and see how it goes in a play test. Perhaps I’ll try adding in some more highlights to the edges and see of that helps, if it’s a problem to begin with.

– Started to work on a prototype boss encounter. Main limitation here is the artwork but it’s certainly playable. Inspiration comes from the multitude of mega man bosses as well as a few other games I’ve enjoyed in the past. World of Warcraft raid bosses have a lot of interesting mechanics that are burnt into my brain. After leading a raid group through most bosses from vanilla wow until the Cataclysm expansion. I can still remember most of the strats :)

An action platformer with big multi-phase boss fights is a game I’d like to play. Adding VR makes it interesting too :)

< damn I should have taken a photo of people playing the game and put it here >

wait on.. saved by someone more organised! … linky


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